Fish Kisses.

Today I was adventurous and I got a Fish Pedicure. Yes. I let little baby fish eat my feet… um WHAT? Like what is life? It was the weirdest sensation I have ever experienced. My emotions went from fear to laughter to absolutely loving it. The fishy’s definitely loved my feet and they are now so clean! After that adventure we had lunch at a restaurant right across from our apartment which was delicious! In all honesty all of the food I have encountered has been amazing so I bet this blog is a little repetitive BUT this restaurant was ah-mazing. I indulged myself with mussels & pasta (again), wine, and an almond cake which was out of this world. I want to go back to try something else. 

Besides this I’ve been spending my Sunday cleaning and relaxing. Some might look at this and say I’ve wasted a day in Florence but I feel like it’s just the opposite. This place feels like home and spending a day just enjoying my home is blissful. I don’t need to run around like a tourist all the time… sometimes it’s just good to take a break. 

Ciao my beautiful friends. 

Wine Tasting.

As if my wine class wasn’t enough for me I embarked on a wine tasting tour of San Gimignano, Chianti, and Siena. We booked our tour thru MyTours which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone traveling abroad. We started our day trip in the medieval town of San Gimignano. It was raining and overcast which created an erie feeling to the old town. We walked around (after buying umbrella’s) and stumbled upon a torture museum! They had an entire room based on the death penalty which fascinated me since I have taken a course on the subject. The entire museum was so interesting but definitely creepy. After that we found a beautiful spot overlooking the vineyards. Can I just move to the Italian Countryside and make Wine for the rest of my life? I’m thinking yes. 

The next stop on our tour was to the most amazing winery, Rebuts Torciano San Gimignano. It is a family owned winery in the area of Chianti. Fun Fact: Chianti isn’t an actual city but an area of Tuscany where wines like Chianti (duh) and Chianti Classico are made. Here the owner’s son (who was incredibly gorgeous) hosted a wine tasting and lunch for our tour group. We started our tasting with their Vernaccia Di San Gimignano and a Meat and Cheese Plate.  Vernaccia is Tuscany’s famous white grape that is in many of their white wines. I personally do not like wine made with Vernaccia grapes but this wine was light and delicious. Next we were served their famous Chianti with pasta with truffle oil. Let me just say that their truffle oil was the most magical thing I have every tasted. It was so good that I ate some of the leftover pasta from a random dish. (shhh don’t tell) Their Chianti was also very good with a deep taste. Once we chugged our Chianti it was time for the Chianti Classico which stole my heart away. It was everything I love in a wine: soft, light, and crisp. I bought a bottle to enjoy on my last day in Italy. (but it’s so good I’m tempting to drink it right now!) After we finished our pasta we sample their balsamic vinegar which was aged for 50 years! It was so sweet and smooth, unlike many balsamic vinegars I’ve had. To finish off our mouth watering meal we were served pastries and dessert wine. I was not a fan of the dessert wine because it was very thick, almost like syrup. But I downed my glass super quick because who am I to pass up free alcohol? This was my favorite part of the tour, not because of the food/alcohol but because I understood everything he was saying! When he talked about the process of wine making and the type of grapes I followed along and actually sad things before him! It’s cool to know that I am actually learning things in wine class. Sadly this ending our amazing meal and we had to say goodbye to our beautiful host. 

In between the Winery and Siena we took a short break in a town I don’t remember. I may have been a little drunk at this point in time. Morgan and I decided we didn’t get enough wine at lunch and bought another bottle in this town. We couldn’t stop giggling the rest of the tour. 

We ended our day with the town of Siena. We had time to get discounted gelato, curtesy of our tour, and then embarked of a walking tour of the city. I didn’t really pay attention to the information because A. I was drunk and B. I hate walking tours. Regardless I still enjoyed discovering a new city of Italy. 

This Wine Tour was yet another fun filled day that has created memories that will last a lifetime. Cannot wait to see what adventures I get myself into next! 

Day trip to Pisa! 

One train ride later and we arrived in the quaint town of Pisa. There’s not much to the town besides the Leaning Tower but that was ok with us! The Leaning Tower of Pisa was the sole reason we took the little day trip and it was well worth it. I have seen so many pictures of the leaning tower but to see it in real life was so much better! After we took our touristy pictures we grab a bite to eat and then back on the train just in time for supper. 

Oh and the Subway guy? I just thought he was funny. Also the fact that there are Subway’s in Italy is quite hilarious. 

It was midterm week in photography! We had to submit our best images for review… which was extremely nerve racking. Our professor projected our images on the big screen for all to see. So not only was he judging our work but so was everyone in class. I wasn’t terrible happy with my submissions but he seemed to liked them. The biggest note he gave me was I needed more emotion in my pictures. So I am now on the hunt for emotional photos before the final!