coastlines and tan lines.

The Amalfi Coast is the most beautiful place in this world. 

 My bag was packed, I went to class, and then I left for (what I consider) the best weekend of my life. My roommates and I spent three days on the Amalfi Coast and traveled to Capri, Ana Capri, Positano, and Pompeii. Out of the four my absolute favorite place was Postiano because it reminded me of home. Now we didn’t plan this trip by ourselves so we embarked on this journey with Bus 2 Alps. I would definitely recommend going on their trips. They had everything planned and set for us and I feel like everything ran pretty smoothly. Do not stay at Hotel Londra however… that place was an adventure.

Our trip started with the beautiful island of Capri and Ana Capri. They day started off very rocky. (literally) The water was so rough that day that our boat tour was rocking back and forth. However the boat tour around the island was beautiful. The water near the shoreline was crystal clear, the mountains were breathtaking, and the houses on the island were quaint. At this point I didn’t need to see anymore I was already in love. After our boat tour we made our way up the Island to Capri. We stopped here for breathtaking views and my new favorite drink: freshly squeezed orange juice and lemonade. Words cannot describe how fresh and perfect this drink is. After relaxing for a little bit we went further up the mountain to Ana Capri. Here I got custom made sandals! I was in shoe heaven.. which for me is a dangerous place to be in. But they’re super cute so it was totally worth it. The scariest moment of the trip was the ski lift up to the tippy top of the mountain. Now when I say ski lift I am legit talking about a  small, rickety, not safe, chair lift. I was freaking the freak out the entire way up and down. I was extremely happy that the view was flawless because it helped me not panic. But I would do that ski lift a million times if it meant I could be on top of that mountain. Now I’ve seen beautiful things in my life and have been blessed with so many things… but the view from this spot was absolutely jaw dropping. It was so amazing that we skipped lunch and stayed on top of the mountain to relax and enjoy the view.  I’m so mad because my pictures do not do it justice. It really opened my eyes and showed me how magnificent the world is and small your life is in comparison to the world. Sometimes we get so caught up in petty drama and we think our whole world is ending but in reality we are a little part of this great big world… so live every moment with love and an open mind. After this eye opening experience I got a pizza and spent our remanding free time laying out on the beach. Day #1: Perfect

Saturday started our adventure to Positano, which is now in my top 5 favorite cities in the world.  To get here we had to take a bus and walk down ten million flights of stairs. (that’s a little dramatic but it was a lot of freaking stairs) The moment we got down to the bottom I found a coffee shop for my Caffé Shakerato. Not only did I get amazing coffee but my barista was so nice (and cute) that he gave me a second cup for free! He literally made my entire day. After swooning over the barista we went to the beach which had beautiful black sand rocks. Apparently Italy does not believe in sand beaches because they have rock beaches which is extremely painful yet sensational. It’s almost like getting a free hot stone massage! After baking on the beach it was time for my favorite part of the day… CLIFF JUMPING! To get to our spot we took a private boat which was jamming with awesome music. (and hot men)  I jumped off the lowest and middle highest cliff’s. I wanted to go off the highest one but I ran out of time. It was so exhilarating and I had so much fun with the go pro. Day #2: Even more Perfect

Now we spent our last day discovering the city of Pompeii. We didn’t do the tour with Bus 2 Alps but instead downloaded a free audio tour by Rick Steve. I actually really enjoyed the audio tour because it explained what I was looking at and painted a picture of what Pompeii used to look like. (Pictures of Pompeii will be uploaded later because their on my gopro!) Day #3: Educational

 So if you can’t tell by how long this post is I loved the Amalfi Coast. It was relaxing, beautiful, and eye opening. I already want to go back in the near future but for now I will enjoy my time exploring new places!


Piazzale Michelangelo 

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My Wine Professor Would Be Very Mad At Me. I Drank A Whole Bottle of Wine Tonight… By Myself. #sorrynotsorry